C.J.P, New York City Rap Star, born Corey Jamel Parks is what the rap game has been missing. His lyrics are a direct reflection of the life he once lived coupled with the life he is currently living now. The range of content speaks to all ages and walks of life. The local drug dealer, gang member, or retired thug all can relate to C.J.P's music. 

Born in NYC, C.J.P attended Park West High School in Manhattan. Struggling to keep his act clean, drug dealing, gangs, and violence became a way of life at a very young age. Beginning crime at 12, its no surprise he ended up in prison at just 16 years old. The cards were bluntly laid out in front of him. He saw over 15 prisons during his 15 year bid. He breaks down humbly, "Prison was a major challenge. Especially dealing with all the unknowns. But at some point I had an epiphany. I knew it was time to make changes in my life for the better." When asked to name three main lessons he learned in prison this was his response. "1. In order to be successful, you have to first believe in yourself. 2. You have to find out what you're good at. I realized writing and making music was my path. 3. 

After being released from prison after serving 15 years, C.J.P started a 501c3, Success Is A Journey Inc. A charity focused on helping past inmates navigate life after prison. After his own struggle with reentry to the world, he felt it was imperative to help others adjust into the world after prison. The more smooth of a transition, the better. 

Harlem rapper Big L was a huge rap influence to C.J.P. He grew up being around the rapper in his neighborhood. He was unfortunately killed while he was in prison. However, C.J.P will never forget the musical influence he had over his life. 

C.J.P will continue to work diligently to obtain his Masters Degree in Career Development, create his own record label, continue to create/release music and write what the people can relate to. All while creating multiple streams of income for himself and people of color. Dope collaborations, partnerships, and business ventures is what you can expect from the lyrics all 2020 and beyond. 

C.J.P's new project NEW YORK CITY RAP STAR MIXTAPE drops Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 28th. The Mixtape is hosted by DJ Immortal of Outlaw Radio. This project is an accurate representation and official introduction of who C.J.P is as an artist. It gives you a story of failure, anger, and defeat. But ultimately, it gives you the story of victory, triumph, and overcoming. This is for the underdogs. For all the roses that grew from concrete. For the ones who were told they weren't going to be anything. 

"My mama always told me I was destined for greatness. It's always stuck with me. And even people who are destined for greatness have flaws. Nobody's perfect. There are lessons in failure. I'm a prime example." - C.J.P